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Discover trusted data with a modern approach to governance.

Acryl Data takes the industry’s number one open source data catalog, DataHub, to the next level with advanced features.

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Benefit from enterprise-grade data discovery and governance

Empower Your Data Team

Discover Trusted Data

Data consumers can discover trusted data across Tables, Streams, Pipelines, Dashboards and People with critical data quality context like data profiles and data quality check results.

Prevent Breaking Changes

Data producers can proactively prevent breaking changes through advanced impact analysis and debug pipeline issues through time-travel capabilities.

Protect Data Health

Owners can raise incidents on unhealthy data assets and alert downstream impacted asset owners to ensure bad data is not consumed.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Categorize Data

A modern business glossary that is integrated with your developers toolkit and allows you to categorize data scalably by utilizing human-approval workflows in an efficient manner.

Monitor Access to Sensitive Assets

Automated tests allow you to monitor governance policies and notify data product owners with actionable steps to address failures.

Automate Governance

Build custom governance workflows by subscribing to the metadata changes API.

Keep Cloud Costs Under Control

Monitor Critical Metrics

DataHub’s comprehensive metadata graph includes critical metrics like storage size, utilization and lineage.

Take Action on Expensive Assets

Define policies that take action on the least used and most expensive data assets to apply the most appropriate action on them.

Retire Assets with Confidence

As the data platform lead, you are always in control of when and how a data asset is retired, so you can be assured that production pipelines will not be affected.

Built by the DataHub Experts

DataHub is an open-source project started at LinkedIn and battle-hardened in production at scale at major enterprises. Started by the founder of DataHub, Acryl Data delivers an easy to consume DataHub platform for the enterprise.



We're driving open-source DataHub forward; collaborating with LinkedIn and broader open-source community.

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Acryl Data

Acryl Data

Acryl Data’s vision is to bring clarity to your data through its next generation multi-cloud metadata management platform.

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Acryl Data delivers an easy to consume DataHub platform for the enterprise
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