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Acryl Cloud is a comprehensive metadata platform that joins a best-in-class catalog with data observability. Built by the team behind DataHub.

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Why Acryl

The Unified Approach to Data Discovery, Governance, and Observability

Designed for Catalog Adoption

No more data catalog ghost towns. Acryl Cloud drives fast time-to-value via Shift Left practices for data producers and an intuitive UI for data consumers.

Ensure Trust with Observability

Continuously detect data quality incidents in real-time, automate anomaly detection to prevent breakages, and drive fast resolution when they do occur.

Built on Event-Driven Metadata

Acryl Cloud supports both push-based and pull-based metadata ingestion for easy maintenance, ensuring information is trustworthy, up-to-date, and definitive.

Don’t Just Document - Take Action

Data should be operational. Go beyond simple visibility and use automated Metadata Tests to continuously expose data insights and surface new areas for improvement.

Rapid Incident Resolution

Reduce confusion and accelerate resolution with clear asset ownership, automatic detection, streamlined alerts, and time-based lineage for tracing root causes.

Open Core for Developers

Build with the most flexible SDK and comprehensive APIs for development. Configure Acryl to meet the needs of your most advanced use cases.


Announcing Acryl Observe

Introducing Acryl Observe: Trust the most important data in your organization

Driven by a central metadata control plane, Acryl Observe continuously detects data quality incidents in real-time. Automate anomaly detection to prevent breakages and drive faster resolution when they do occur.

Learn more about Acryl Observe →

Introducing Acryl Observe: Trust the most important data in your organization

Managed DataHub and Much More

Lineage and Impact Analysis
Automated Data Governance
Integrated Data Observability

Operational Data Catalog

A central resource to connect technical and non-technical teams, featuring unified search and full visibility into asset documentation and ownership.

Lineage and Impact Analysis

Lineage and Impact Analysis

Quickly understand the end-to-end journey of data and proactively identify potential breaking changes by tracing data lineage.

Automated Data Governance

Automated Data Governance

Metadata Tests allow you to define and continuously evaluate a set of conditions on the most important data assets in your company.

Active Business Glossary

Easily manage glossary terms and tags with an intuitive UI. Configure approval workflows to incorporate feedback from business teams.

Integrated Data Observability

Integrated Data Observability

Monitor the health of datasets and pipelines in real-time, with automated and user-defined assertions for data quality.

Acryl offers a comprehensive data catalog at its core and brings business and data teams together with advanced features. Connect data sources within minutes and start using the control plane for your data stack.
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Driven by the Largest Metadata Community

Acryl is built with insights from thousands of data practitioners in the DataHub community.



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Flexible Integrations for your Data Stack

DataHub has pre-built integrations with your favorite systems: Snowflake, BigQuery, dbt, Airflow, Looker, Kafka and many others. These connectors are battle-tested by the largest data catalog community and the community is continuously adding more integrations.

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Acryl Cloud delivers DataHub as a Managed Service with Additional Capabilities

Data Discovery

Search across all metadata
Browse/filter by domain, type, platform
Configurable personal and team views
Full views into asset metadata
Support for 40+ Data Sources
Enhanced search ranking
Automated classifications for views

Data Governance

Shift-Left governance
Event-driven metadata
Dataset ownership management
Business glossary
Data lineage
BI tool browser extension
Impact analysis
Business glossary approval workflows
Incident management
Metadata tests

Data Observability

Build and enforce continuous data SLAs
Continuous monitoring of dataset health
Data observability alerts and notifications
Automatically raise and resolve critical incidents

Implementation and Support

Community support
Complete setup and hosting (Saas)
Implementation Support
Ingestion Support
99.5% Uptime SLA
Dedicated Slack Support
Fine-grained access control policies
Pre-defined roles for permissions
Shared audit logs
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