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Join us in bringing clarity to data by enabling delightful search and discovery, data observability, and federated governance across data ecosystems.

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Our culture and values are the foundation shaping our work, driving what we aspire to accomplish, and who we are at Acryl Data.

At Acryl Data, collaboration is key, curiosity inspires action, and ambition and empathy is our (not so) secret sauce.

Collaboration is key: We are a tight-knit team, passionate about our DataHub community. We do our best work when we learn, grow, and take on challenges together.

Curiosity inspires action: We take on large breadths of technical challenges, and we make it our mission to continually iterate to deliver the best experience and outcomes for our DataHub community.

Ambition and empathy is our (not so) secret sauce: We are an ambitious bunch, leading the way in building the next generation of a developer-friendly, data catalog. But we can’t do this on ambition alone – we are empathy-driven thinkers who prioritize the customer experience, putting ourselves in their shoes to understand what’s most important.

We are a community-first, impact-driven team committed to representing the lived experiences, unique perspectives, and communities around us.

Community-first: Our vibrant DataHub community is at the core of who we are and the work we do – we are committed to providing the best experience to all members of the DataHub community.

Impact-driven: Each member of the Acryl Data team works hard and takes proud ownership in producing long-term, impactful results quickly and efficiently.

Representation matters: In order to build the best, most inclusive, accessible product for our community members, our work and team reflects the lived experiences, unique perspectives, and communities around us.

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