Culture Starts With Values

Our Expectations for Ourselves

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Drive Impact

Never be satisfied.

Take ownership and responsibility of pushing the bounds and driving impact for the team, community and customers. We hold each other accountable to that.

Drive Impact

Embrace the Journey

We aspire to do hard things.

Building is hard, messy and full of uncertainty - we accept and lean into the challenge.

Embrace the Journey

Build Together

We don't have all the answers; our partnership with our community, customers, and team is what makes us successful and gives Acryl its edge. We have to be good teammates to each other, our customers and our community.

Build Together

Bring Your Best Self

We believe that an employee's true worth lies not only in what they accomplish but also in the positive impact they make on the team and those they work with.

  • We have empathy - We give feedback because we care about each other’s success
  • We balance ambition and humility - We’re here to succeed and grow as individuals, but not at the expense of others
  • We are reliable - We do what we say, by when we say, and communicate upfront if that changes
  • We celebrate each other
Bring Your Best Self

Do Your Best Work

We believe that talent and skill are not static states, but are constantly in motion. It is our choice whether they are improving or degrading.

  • We engage with feedback because we know it’s the first step in the process of improving ourselves and our work
  • When facing something new and challenging, we lean into the feeling of uncomfortability. We know that’s not the signal to stop, but the signal we are heading in the right direction. That we are headed towards personal and professional growth.
Do Your Best Work
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