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How MYOB Improved Data Reliability for dbt and Snowflake

“Before bringing Acryl on board, MYOB’s data teams would see multiple breaking changes per week...Acryl has helped us significantly reduce the number of breaking changes, to the extent that they are no longer a burden on all teams.” - Asad Naveed, Engineering Manager

  • See how MYOB unburdened their team by reducing breaking changes while increasing Snowflake usage 4X
  • See how MYOB increased proactive communication between downstream and upstream data owners by setting up automatic warnings for changes to parent dataset schemas
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How Acryl Data Helped DPG Media Save 25% Per Month in Snowflake Costs

“It’s been pretty great working with the Acryl team. For any issues that we had in the beginning, we would see fixes within one week. Our work with a lot of other vendors does not have that same level of support.” - Mathias Lavaert, Principal Data Engineer

  • DPG Media used Acryl Data to identify and safely retire redundant assets from their data warehouse, reducing costs by 25%
  • Acryl Data is used to bring federated governance to the data mesh architecture at DPG Media.
  • Reduced time to data incident resolution with a central resource for data collaboration.

How Notion Uses Acryl Data to Ensure Data Reliability

"We rely on Acryl to gain insights and ensure our critical data is reliable. Acryl’s managed product takes DataHub to the next level through automation and emphasis on time-to-value." - Ada Draginda, Senior Data Engineer

  • Source of truth for documentation and data discovery for technical and non-technical users.
  • Lineage to manage impact of breaking changes and reduce time to resolution across a complex data stack
  • Business glossary used to tag data for critical processes like PII management and GDPR
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