Why Acryl Observe?

Acryl Observe continuously detects data quality incidents in real-time. Automate anomaly detection to prevent breakages and drive faster resolution when they do occur.

One Source of Truth

Acryl Observe joins best-in-class capabilities for data discovery and governance, offering a unified view into data quality for both business users and data teams.

Improve Data Trust

Trust is an integral part of data context. Ensure teams can understand the current status of data health and communicate issues across the organization.

Catch Incidents Fast

Business teams are often the first to discover an issue. With automated detection, data teams can safeguard their reputation and resolve incidents sooner.


Gain Insights in Real Time

Comprehensive Views into Dataset Health

Gain a bird’s eye view into the health of your organization’s data.

Monitor the health of all datasets in real-time, with automated and user-defined assertions for data quality.

Comprehensive Views into Dataset Health

Monitor Pipelines and Tasks in Real-Time

Automate the health of data pipelines and tasks and analyze pipeline task downtime.

Track assets impacted by incidents and reduce time-to-restart on failed jobs.

Monitor Pipelines and Tasks in Real-Time

Explore Tables and Discover Granular Insights

Deep dive into production tables to discover active incidents, failing assertions, and pending anomalies that are automatically detected.

Bring business users closer to data teams with streamlined communication around specific incidents.

Explore Tables and Discover Granular Insights

Build and Enforce SLAs

Create continuously-monitored SLAs for tasks, datasets, tables and columns, and enforce automated workflows that trigger when assertions fail.

Build and Enforce SLAs

Identify and Mitigate Incidents Immediately

Catch incidents as soon as they happen with user-defined and automated triggers.

Track time to response and resolution in the same tool business teams use to discover trusted assets.

Coming in the second-half of 2023.

Identify and Mitigate Incidents Immediately

Powered by the DataHub Control Plane

Update Monitors in Real-Time

No more manual checks. Acryl’s event-driven metadata platform ensures teams work with automated, up-to-date information about the quality of assets and products.

Connect to Your Data Stack

Pre-built integrations with your favorite systems: Snowflake, BigQuery, dbt, Airflow, Looker, Kafka and many others - battle tested by the largest data catalog community.

Safely Build a Data Mesh Architecture

Set and monitor policies and SLAs at both a global and local level. Federated governance improves data democratization without introducing new data quality risks.

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